Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Beauty at Any Size

There are a lot of ad campaigns and Internet GIF's with regards to women,  beauty and size. While these are meant to promote body confidence,  they're straddling a fine line between promoting self love and advocating unhealthy bodies.

Let me start by saying true beauty is about much more than what's on the outside.  Much like the old adage,  'you can't judge a book by its cover, ' it's about content,  aka what's on the inside. So whether or not you're truly beautiful is completely within your control as you decide the person you want to be. 

These ad campaigns and GIF's are not talking about true beauty,  it's clearly referring to superficial beauty. Superficial beauty is what's on the outside and we all know some of the prettiest packages are filled with vile dog shit. What we're really talking about here is being attractive.  Whether or not you're attractive is in the eye of the beholder. The only time you have control of that is when you're looking in a mirror.

That being said,  there's a BIG difference between saying women are beautiful at any size and saying women are healthy at any size.

While I do feel it's important for women to love themselves as they are,  I also feel it's important that women love themselves enough to take care of their body.  A part of truly loving yourself is being honest about where you're at in life and making improvements as necessary.

If we're telling women they're beautiful at any size are we not saying it's ok to be obese or to be cachectic? Obesity is the cause of numerous diseases and deaths, such as,  cancer,  stroke,  fatty liver disease,   cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes.  All of these diseases and deaths could be controlled or prevented with a healthy lifestyle.

I'm not saying skinny is the only beautiful nor am I saying that obese women aren't beautiful.  What I'm saying is let's promote health.  Let's not promote complacency. Let's remove judgement from the entire conversation. Let's promote honest self love that pushes women to put themselves and their health first.  Let's be done with the old standard of women doing everything for others and nothing for themselves.  It's about bettering our health to better our lives.


So let's recap.  True beauty comes from within,  so yes ladies,  you can be beautiful at any size.  Superficial beauty is bullshit.  Obesity,  anorexia, bulimia,  exercise addiction,  or any other extreme on either side is unattractive. Confidence,  self love and healthy lifestyles are not only beautiful,  they're down right sexy!


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