Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hopefully Romantic




Nothing to hide, no games to play

Just open up, discuss and learn

Share and grow, build that foundation

Similar views, differing views, experiences to share

Is there something there? Do you feel it?

Let's not label it, no box to be placed in

Just live, learn, laugh

No expectations, pure enjoyment

Be in the moment, the now of what's happening

Learn the past, build the future, the present is a gift, enjoy


The loyal friend, the faithful lover and the trusted confidant

The ear to listen, the shoulder to cry on and the aide in getting back up

The sharer of laughs, the cheerleader of triumphs and the equal developer of dreams

The rock for the weakened, the increased strength thru the trials and the ever present when needed

The provider of safe self expression, true acceptance and constant support

The unconditional lover, the open communicator and the confidence builder

The unwavering team mate, traveling hand-in-hand throughout the journey of life



I urge you, lovers
to openly communicate
without fear of reaction
with trust in your partner
and in what you've built

I urge you, lovers
to share selflessly
not in possessions but in thoughts and feelings
for secrets kept create divides

I urge you, lovers
to encourage each other everyday
to never put conditions on your love
and to give it freely without expectation

I urge you, lovers
to look within each other and truly see
to not only see, but accept
to not only accept, but admire

I urge you, lovers
to renew your love
to keep your fires lit
to enjoy each other
outside of everyday life

I urge you, lovers
to admire what you've built
to appreciate your life team's handiwork
and to never take it for granted